Crew Call-Out

crew call-out

Messaging Solutions for Transport Companies in the Air, on Land, and at Sea

Making sure every departure is appropriately manned to ensure smooth daily operations is a challenge all transport companies face. Real-world conditions, such as absent crew members or a changed gate, cause operational challenges that need to be handled quickly and precisely.

Manual processes to fill scheduling gaps are costly, time consuming, and inconvenient for crew members. Meanwhile, transport companies need efficient operations in order to be competitive. Automating processes and communication with crew members saves both time and money, and also improves working conditions for the crew themselves by making things more orderly and efficient.

That is why LEKAB has developed a cloud-based solution that provides automated crew call-out via mobile text messaging (SMS), to manage day-to-day operational changes. The solution adapts seamlessly to the specific needs of airlines, rail, bus, and shipping companies.



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