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We've been providing automation and SMS-based communication systems to the Nordic region's biggest companies since 1994.


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Digital Transformation - Derobia

We help companies automate and streamline business processes and practices. Our goal is to be a pioneer in hyperautomation in Finland and the Nordic countries. For us, no data is too complex and we help our customers increase the degree of automation.

Studies show that only 20-30% of corporate data is in a structured format and easily exported to a robot. This limits RPA implementations and cuts through ROI calculations. Companies also do not trust RPA with business-critical tasks because the data is “too complex”. With our solutions, the rest of this data, which is not easily transferred to the robot, is brought into the realm of automation. The solution works directly with all leading software robots, allowing us to effectively leverage our customers ’current RPA investments. At the same time, we increase the degree of process automation, i.e. we reduce unnecessary and staff-intensive manual work.

Increase sales with reduced cost structure

Improve your business processes

Increase customer loyalty and employee satisfaction

Intelligent Automation with Derobia

Smart Messaging

With our deep knowledge and expertise in integrating messaging services in even the most complex environments, we ensure solutions that deliver a solid foundation for business performance.

Utilize an SMS messaging platform designed to scale with your needs

Manage incidents and crises with pre-set workflows

Handle acute scheduling needs with ease

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