Rule-Based Messaging

Monitor time-critical business messages in real time to easily collect and track responses. Our platform lets you easily upload contacts and sort them, so that you send the right message to the right people. Our multi-channel delivery means you can be sure your message gets to recipients.

Keep track of responses

The dashboard is color coded to let you know when any given task is complete. Looking for five replacement staff? The task will flash green when you’ve received five positive responses. If you don’t get a response in a certain amount of time, the task will flash red. These real-time updates let you make informed decisions, efficiently focusing on the most crucial tasks.

Use a single solution to reach out via different channels

The system behind our Monitored Messaging platform gives you the ability to reach out in different channels all at once. You can send out SMS messages, or you can utilize our app. In this way, you can ensure that your messages are delivered to every intended recipient.

When you use the app, you can easily convey detailed information to recipients. For example, you can pinpoint locations using the map feature. You can also let employees enter their availability in advance using the calendar feature. When using SMS on the other hand, employees can send in their available dates via text message. That information is then registered and can be viewed in the system’s web portal.

Take a look at these solutions to see more uses for Monitored Messaging:

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Work requests
Incident management


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