Smart Messaging

Intelligent platforms for automated and flexible communication

Our approach to building adaptable communication solutions is to use proven, scalable and horizontal design that enables benefits to be leveraged across the entire organization. Whether the solution is a single or multi-purpose communication platform, we help our clients reduce costs and improve customer experience.

Establish a foundation for efficient communication
Scalability across volume, functionality and users allows efficient operations and avoids any duplication of efforts. It gives you a foundation for measurable personalized and rule based automated communication.

Ensure best-in-class performance
Proven in more than 100 major integrations at the largest companies in the Nordics, our platform secures high availability and mission-critical performance by design.

Rely on full support and governance models
Our focus on support and governance models secures quality assurance and service delivery processes.

Reach the whole world
Fostering a network of partners and operators allows you to reach just about anyone in any country in the world.

SMS Gateway

Skapad för skalbarhet och tillförlitlighet. Vår SMS Gateway erbjuder integration via ett flertal olika API:er Integrera SMS-funktionalitet i syste...

SMS Gateway

Outlook Calendar Integration

The Outlook Calendar Integration is used to send meeting confirmations and appointment bookings directly from Microsoft Outlook and Exchange calendars...

Calendar integration

Monitored Messaging

Monitor time-critical business messages in real time to easily collect and track responses. Our platform lets you easily upload contacts and sort them...

Monitored messaging