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Our SMS Gateway is built for scalability and reliability.

API Integration
Our SMS Gateway is a scalable, cloud-based platform that enables your system or application to send and receive SMS messages. Its flexibility allows for adaptation to custom needs. It can be integrated into CRM systems, marketing automation systems, ERP systems, websites, communication servers, or any other systems, including proprietary solutions. It can also integrate SMS messaging capabilities in software applications.

We provide different APIs for our SMS Gateway, including Web Services (SOAP/XML), Batch API (SOAP/XML), SMPP, SMTP, REST and HTTP GET.

The design and operation of our SMS Gateway meets the very highest standards for security, availability and stability. Our gateway ensures you will experience a trouble-free operation, and our mission is to remain 100 percent operational, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. SMS Gateway is designed with a redundant architecture ensuring availability through clustering of multiple servers. All aspects of the operation are constantly and automatically monitored. The server infrastructure is also redundant, with separated, ISO certified data centers.

SMS Gateway is a scalable solution, allowing very large volumes of SMS messages to be sent within a short period of time. It is designed to function regardless of whether you are sending bulk messages, or if you are sending large volumes of individual messages to different recipients. There is always enough spare capacity to ensure that message handling is never affected or delayed even by unexpected spikes in traffic.

Global reach
We reach 6 billion subscribers, in 1451 networks, operated by 955 operators, in 243 countries with our SMS services!

Web Sender

If you need a simple way to send SMS messages online, you can use our web sender. Just upload your contact lists, and start sending!

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For developers

Our code examples show you how to integrate our SMS Gateway with your applications.

To read more about our code examples,  and to register for a free test account, visit our developer page.

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