SMS offers a number of unique advantages for anyone who want to improve services, increase efficiency or handle critical communication.

Enterprise SMS messaging is simple, reliable and fast. It can be used for any number of communication purposes, from critical alarms to marketing, from personal to broadcasted mass communication. It’s ubiquity and mobile nature means it is possible to reach over 6 billion subscribers using existing infrastructure.

We have customers in many different industries using SMS messaging in numerous ways. Some are large corporations with international operations, others are no more than a few employees. Common to them all is that they use SMS messaging to reach and engage their recipients. And that they make use of our expertise and know-how to build our quality SMS platform into their systems and applications.

Efficient operations

SMS communication built directly into the business process speeds the delivery of business notifications and maximizes corporate co-ordination. Automating SMS notifications gains productivity while reducing costs. Staff call-in and in-field communication are common solutions that increase operational efficiency.

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Improved services

SMS enables new and improved services to consumers, adding a mobile advantage to its users. It’s unobtrusive, simple and quick format makes it the most appreciated form of consumer notification. Solutions include customer service and delivery notifications, marketing notifications, and quick customer feedback.

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Mission-critical communication

Business or time critical, SMS delivers alarms and alerts instantly and accurately. Intelligent solutions provide the flexibility and performance needed for communication services that can adapt also to escalating and evolving events. An automated solution will save time getting the alarms and alerts out, and errors are avoided at the same time as it is ensured that procedures and regulations are being followed.

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Our SMS platform

A fully fledged SMS platform

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