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Mobile Dispatch

The Mobile Dispatch platform is used for products and solutions that help you find and alert the right resources and the right competence in the case of emergencies, using multichannel communication.


SMS and Fax Messaging

Cloud services for SMS and fax messaging. Engage with notifications, reminders, confirmations and offers. Integrate in your systems or use our stand-alone applications to send SMS messages from your computer.


Business Communication

We offer advanced business communication and document handling solutions based on Kofax systems as managed services or SaaS to free your resources, improve support and maintenance levels, and lower your costs.


SMS Gateway

Our APIs let you integrate SMS functionality into your CRM system, e-commerce platform, or business application. Unlimited possibilities of how to use SMS messaging Extremely high capacity worldwide Extreme reliability SMS Gateway SMS Gateway is the platform you use to integrate SMS functionality in various systems and applications. You have ideas for how you want […]

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Mobile LifeSaver

Mobile LifeSaver locates and alerts bystanders in case of a cardiac arrest or other severe conditions

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Email SMS

Use Email SMS to easily send SMS massages to one or many, right from your desktop and regardless of where you are.

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With Web SMS you can easily send SMS messages to one or many, directly from the web, and wherever you are. It’s just as easy to receive SMS messages to your online inbox.

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Outlook SMS

Outlook SMS is a plug-in that lets you send and receive SMS messages right from Outlook and Lync.

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Email Fax

Send and receive paperless faxes by email using your regular email program.

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SMS Livräddare

SMS Livräddare (SMS Lifesaver) is a unique project using mobile technology from LEKAB to save lives in out-of-hospital cardiac arrests.

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SMS Park

SMS Park is a Swedish company with an idea for how to simplify payment of car parking using SMS. 

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Tunstall is using LEKAB’s SMS Gateway ato alert and dispatch health care personnel, who in turn can acknowledge or escalate the errands thanks to the built-in 2-way SMS service.

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