Digital Transformation

Lekab offers a unified smart process development and deployment platform

We provide a platform that enables the transformation from physical to digital interactions in any business process. By delivering fully digital customer engagement interactions anytime, on any device, from virtually anywhere, you accelerate business processes, cut costs and increase customer satisfaction.

The unified platform provides Omnichannel Capture, Process/Case Management, Process Intelligence and Analytics, Mobile, Robotic Process Automation, eSignature and Customer Communication – all already integrated for your agile implementation.

Smart Process Automation

  Kofax TotalAgility TotalAgility is a unified, enterprise-scale software platform that dramatically transforms and simplifies high-priority, i...

Smart Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Effektiviserad verksamhet genom automatiserade affärsprocesser och kommunikation   Robotic Process Automation - lösningar för affärskriti...


Process Intelligence and Analytics

Kofax Insight Kofax Insight™ delivers unique analytics and process intelligence capabilities to monitor and analyze your operational business proce...

Process intelligence


Kofax SignDoc Kofax SignDoc® electronic signature product allows organizations to reduce their operational costs, speed time to closure, improve cus...


Customer Communications Management

Simplified and improved communications Empower your organization to communicate when, where and how your customers prefer. We offer Kofax Customer Co...

Customer communication