Work Requests via SMS

Staff Scheduling Solution Brings in Resources Quickly

LEKAB has developed an application that simplifies the process of sending work requests to staff by using mobile text messaging (SMS). With its web-based interface, the service is designed to meet professional requirements of simplicity, robustness and reliability. Automation takes the burden off of staffing managers, while speeding up the process of calling in extra employees in time-sensitive situations.

The need to reinforce regular staff with additional resources (whether it is to meet the increased workload that occurs during peak periods, or to supplement the lack of staff because of holidays or sick leave) is more the rule than the exception. In addition to on-duty staff, managers rely on both on-call staff and other colleagues who are officially off duty but can be called to meet these needs. In time-sensitive situations, the process of calling in these extra resources can often be too time-consuming and slow.

LEKAB’s application for work requests via SMS reduces workloads by automating the process of calling in extra staff. This so-called staff “call-out” is easily initiated from the web-based user interface. All communication – both outbound messaging and the collection of inbound responses – takes place directly via SMS.

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