Save Time and Money with a Centralized Communication Solution

A centralized communication system makes all sorts of processes more efficient. This efficiency lets airlines meet many of the daily challenges that they face. In addition, a cell phone-based solution eases daily tasks for those who need to send and receive communications often.

Every day, airlines meet situations that demand that they quickly send and receive important information and/or requests to specific parties. Whether calling in replacement crew or other staff, getting flight delay information from one department to another, it’s vital that communication is sent and delivered quickly and without added hassel.

Efficient Staffing – A Must for Airlines

Without pilots and cabin crew, planes can’t take off. If a plan doesn’t take off when it should, it costs airlines a lot of money. This means that an airline’s entire business model depends on the right crew members being onboard on time. This makes well-functioning staffing processes crucial. Airplane staffing starts as soon as a route is planned, and doesn’t end until the plane is off the ground. Regardless of whether you’re in the first stages of a staffing process, or if there is a last minute need for new crew, an efficient system needs to be in place to find and get in touch with available staff.

With a centralized communication solution, with employees’ contact details and employment status collected, finding the right people becomes much easier. In acute situations, flight crew may need to be replaced immediately for an upcoming flight. A single communication system lets airlines contact a segment of employees, and collect their responses simply, without wasting time. This is even easier when the communication system uses both SMS and an app, letting you reach out via multiple, inexpensive, immediate channels. With a system that allows for intelligent communication and filtering functions, you can quickly select who should receive each message. An integrated communication solution makes it as easy for employees to send their response via SMS as it was for you to send the message in the first place!

Consolidate Your Communication Solutions

There are many advantages to collecting all of an organization’s communication in one, central tool:

  • With the entire organization’s contact database in the same system it is simple to create different messages to send to different segments via SMS or app. This makes it easier reach people who have the right role, certifications, or are in the right region.
  • Having the same, centralized communication solution for every department allows for oversight of all inbound and outbound communication. This makes it possible to see exactly what information someone has received, and thereby avoid sending redundant messages.
  • With one, centralized communication system that the whole organization can use, you can share templates for all sorts of communication. Templates ensure that messages are created according to predefined criteria for tone and language, instead leaving it to each individual to determine. This gives all communications a unified feel, whether intended for internal or external recipients.
  • A shared, central tool allows employees across an organization to become familiar with using that tool. This minimizes the amount of learning time required to use the system, making the process of sending messages more efficient.

Save Time and Money with a Organization-wide Tool

A centralized communication solution lets all departments work in the same, efficient way. This allows airlines to save a lot of time on staffing processes. Rush projects, such as last-minute staffing needs, are handled more quickly and efficiently with a communication system based on cell phone communication via SMS or an app. A system that shows all available staff, and that gives off-duty staff the choice of “selling” their off-duty days, minimizes the costs associated with having employees on standby. It also gives staffing managers a better overview of who is available, and when. Better staffing processes mean that more flights can take off on time, saving airlines thousands in fees and customer compensation.