Woman reading RCS message on cell phone

The future of messaging is here.

RCS is the next frontier in mobile messaging. RCS lets you send branded, interactive messages that let customers book, purchase, respond, watch and listen from their SMS inbox.

What is RCS?

RCS stands for Rich Communication Services, and is a communication protocol that provides text messages with rich media and more capabilities than SMS text messages offer. It is made up of a number of different services that make SMS more versatile and rich, for example with more functions within each message, and the ability to see whether or not messages have been read.

Branded messaging

Branded messages let your customers know that they’re really talking to you. Use your company name as the name of the sender, and brand any content within your messages.

Interactive messaging

Interact with your customers right through their SMS inbox. Give them an app-like experience, without the app! The interactive messaging in RCS essentially means that you can give your customers any information they might be looking for making the customer experience smooth as possible.

Rich media content

With RCS you can send images, relevant buttons and links, videos, and more! RCS opens up SMS to be a channel that’s just as rich as your marketing channels.

Universal delivery channel

RCS doesn’t rely on your customers downloading a specific app. Communicate with them via their SMS channel, and reach anyone, anywhere.

RCS Features

Many opportunities that RCS creates are still being discovered. It already offers almost countless features, including:

  • Universal delivery channel
  • Registered senders allows for branded messaging
  • Real-time feedback (read receipts)
  • Easy two-way communication with customers
  • Embedded interactive buttons for easy response
  • SMS fallback
  • Programmable conversations
  • Rich media content with photo, audio, and video capabilities
  • Location awareness to provide more relevant customer service

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