What’s in it for you? Here’s why LEKAB and Kofax’s partnership is good for your business.

LEKAB’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) partnership with Kofax began earlier this year. In case you’ve been wondering why you should care about this, we’ve laid it out for you! Here, in brief, is what LEKAB, together with Kofax, can bring your company:

Kofax’s RPA solutions provide the quickest, most cost-effective way to collect, refine and deliver information from virtually any type of application or data source – websites, portals, desktop applications and business systems – without any coding.

  • Easily use our market leading web integration for websites, portals and applications
  • Benefit from bi-directional robotic software integration and automation, which enables both reading and writing data to systems, databases and applications
  • Access information in near real time
  • Enable the transformation of unstructured data into structured information based on predefined rules
  • Get global information management through multi-language support
  • Implement confidently with our scalable, server-based solution
  • Have new automated workflows added in just a few hours
  • Access data that is extracted and combined from different sources into a centralized data warehouse
  • Receive support for automatic monitoring and analysis of all flows