Exciting Updates to Kofax RPA!

Kofax RPA has some great new updates. With the launch of version 10.4 automated process discovery, robot lifecycle management, and cognitive document automation are all at your fingertips.

The Updated Kofax RPA Now Provides:

  • the only process automation tool that includes all the integrated AI needed to support business strategies.
  • scaling abilities – easily build and manage thousands of robots.
  • built in AI – no need for 3rd party AP-NLP, ML, Cognitive Analytics and more included.

Key Features of Updated Kofax RPA

  • Automated Process discovery

Record, map and analyze business processes, applications and actions. Get insight into true human interactions via the desktop and internal and external business applications

  • Robot lifecycle management

Integrated industry standard based on Git Version Control System (VCS) to manage enterprise RPA robot deployments. Manage from hundreds to thousands of RPA robots with ease.

  • Cognitive document automation

Apply powerful, AI-based intelligence to recognize and classify documents to include in RPA automated processes. You can also transform this document data into structured formats.

Click here to learn more about getting started with the new, updated Kofax RPA!