Surveys and polls

Customer satisfaction and loyalty measurements – quick and easy polls and surveys for both B2B and B2C.

2-way SMS is perfect for short questionnaires like CSAT or NPS. SMS is instant, mobile and has open rates over 90%. An invitation to a questionnaire will be much more likely to be seen if sent by SMS compared to email. And with 2-way SMS a one question poll is answered in an instant.

Dialog manager's web administration interface is intuitive an easy to work with. Interactive surveys and polls are created in an instant for both 2-way SMS communication and a web interface designed for mobile devices.

Dialog manager - web based tool for SMS surveys and polls

Dialog Manager is a cloud based tool for creating and sending out polls, customer service questions, sales offers or other interactive dialogs through SMS messages and a mobile responsive web app. Managing close, relevant and personalized communication is easy with Dialog Manager.

Focus on mobile dialogs

Dialog manager is designed for making it easy to create and manage mobile dialogs that improve customer experience. Create questions and dialog structure with a step-by-step approach in an intuitive web based user interface. Make a send list with contacts from the built-in contact database or import contacts from your own CRM-system or campaign system.

Polls and campaigns

Mobile channels provide high response frequencies and quick answers to polls and surveys. Campaigns let you push offers with limited quantities until you run out of stock or the offer is fully booked.


SMS and web app

Choose if you want to have responses collected through SMS messages or the mobile optimized web app. Dialog Manager generates structure and content for both SMS messages and mobile responsive web pages without you having to be an expert in web design or SMS routing.

Automate the dialog

Automate dialogs by integrating with a CRM-, ERP-, or campaign management system through our web service API. Trig dialogs from system events to automate and be able to react instantly to customer needs.

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