SMS marketing

Mobile communication directly into the hands of over 6 billion subscribers.

SMS marketing provides fast, simple and cost efficient communication to consumer campaigns. With over 90% of all SMS read within three minutes after being received, there is no channel that rivals SMS for impact and reach. Targeted SMS marketing is a cost efficient addition to traditional channels, mobile by definition. It successfully brings messages directly to the hands of consumers that drives purchases.

Inbound SMS is used by companies to acquire new customers, often accompanied with a short code that consumers can text to. We provide both shared and dedicated short codes on a global scale.

Outbound SMS marketing is used to engage customers and drive purchases in-store and online. Coupons, targeted offers, a friendly reminder that there is an ongoing sale, or invitations to an event, there are countless opportunities to engage and activate customers and loyalty club members using SMS messages.

Integration with CRM and campaign systems allows utilization of existing customer databases and communication workflows. It makes it possible to tailor messages to specific customer segments and with pinpoint accuracy target offers to selected customers. We provide integration possibilities through our API:s.


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