Robotic Process Automation, RPA

Non-disruptive, coding free, business user friendly information integration and “swivel chair” replacement

The fastest way to replace manual repetitive tasks with an automated solution

Our information integration solutions automate acquisition and integration of information from various sources and bridge the gap between disparate systems, whether inside or outside of the organization. They replace manual workflows that moves information between systems or uses information from separate systems as input in processes.

We build and deliver solutions that automate manual, repetitive, information-driven work. They support business-critical processes that access and acts on data and electronic documents. We help you deploy and customize integration flows regardless of whether existing APIs are available or the data is locked in applications. This includes Excel, websites, web portals, databases, and legacy applications. We also help you build intelligence into processes so more automated decision-making can occur – even with real-time, high-volume and unstructured data.

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Robotic process automation solutions are easy to implement. Getting it up and running doesn’t require the painstaking coding and involvement of IT departments like traditional integration. A visual development environment makes it easy to build data integration and robotic process flows. It is also much more agile – a small change in the workflow doesn’t require re-engineering of the entire integration, it just requires a corresponding change in the tools.

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