Mobile LifeSaver

Mobile LifeSaver locates and alerts bystanders in case of a cardiac arrest or other severe conditions

Alert bystanders with SMS in emergencies and save lives

Mobile LifeSaver is a service that saves lives. By locating and alerting volunteers trained in CPR who are close to the site of a suspected cardiac arrest, they can often arrive at the scene before the ambulance and begin life saving measures.

The alert is sent by SMS and automatic voice call, and only to those persons who have registered for the service. Mobile LifeSaver is based on LEKABs proven technology and long experience in telecommunications and IT. The application is developed in close cooperation with Södersjukhuset, Karolinska Institutet and SOS Alarm.

How does Mobile LifeSaver work?

The main component of Mobile LifeSaver is all the people with training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation who volunteered for the service.

When the operator at the dispatch center receives an emergency call and suspects a cardiac arrest he/she activates Mobile LifeSaver. The service immediately starts searching for lifesavers in that particular area. Mobile LifeSaver uses mobile positioning to find the lifesavers, along with an algorithm to first look for those most likely to be close enough. Thereby, it is possible to filter out and alarm only the lifesavers who are in the vicinity of a suspected cardiac arrest.

When Mobile LifeSaver finds a lifesaver in the search area, it sends an SMS message with the necessary information including address and a link to a map, while the search for more lifesavers are continuing. The system also makes an automated voice call to alert the lifesaver that there is an SMS.

Only persons who have registered as lifesavers get positioned and can receive alarms. Registration is simple, it is done by filling out an online form.

Advantages of Mobile LifeSaver

Introducing Mobile LifeSaver

Introducing Mobile LifeSaver in a region is a process, but it is facilitated by the infrastructure, wireless networks and mobile phones that are already there, as well as the technical platform which is currently active and proven to work. In addition to this comes also the willingness of the public to contribute. In Sweden there are currently about 3 million people trained in CPR. It increases the chance of a successful start-up of Mobile LifeSaver.

Mobile LifeSaver is a complete service that includes everything from user registration via web form to the technical and contractual management of SMS traffic. It is delivered as “software as a service” (SaaS). This means that the service is running in our systems on our servers, eliminating the need to install and maintain locally. It also gives us the opportunity to ensure the high quality- of-service that we expect from a system that saves lives.

We contribute with our skills and experience to projects implementing Mobile LifeSaver. As part of our commitment we assist with pre-studies, implementation, and start-up, and we train staff. We have extensive experience in planning, designing, implementing, evaluating and managing various IT projects, both technically and methodologically.


Mobile LifeSaver, together with the SMS Lifesaver project have received the following awards:
• “Service of the Year” at Telecom Awards 2013
• Cartographic Society Innovation Award 2012
• Vitalis Scholarship 2012
• The Östen Mäkitalo Scholarship Award 2012

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