Incident response

Automated call-in of incident response teams and key stakeholders

We provide solutions that are used to alert and call in response teams. Our solutions automate the tasks of locating team members, verifying their status, calling in resources as needed, receiving confirmations, and keeping incident managers up to date about process progress.

Automating incident response communication provides the means to respond to an emerging incident quickly and efficently. It speeds up the communication processes and immediately reaches all stakeholders, while freeing up time for incident managers who can instead focus on resolving the incident. When communication is automated and process-driven, it avoids human errors and ensures full compliance to the incident response process, leaving no room for mistakes.

Solution features

In case of an incident, the system is used for calling in different competencies to form a response team. The response team can either be static, meaning it will always be the same people in the team, or dynamic, meaning it can be different people but always with the same combination of competencies.

An incident manager (or someone else) starts a predefined workflow with only a few clicks in a web based and mobile responsive interface. The system will then automatically use voice and/or sms messaging to reach people who either confirms or rejects the call. If someone rejects or do not provide an answer within the specified time, the next person in the group will be called. Once the team is full or there are no more to call, the incident manager will receive a text message report. Progress can also be followed in real time on a web based dashboard.

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Automated response team call-in