Incident management

Communication and resource allocation solutions that support business continuity and resiliency.

Efficient communication in time critical situations

Communication is a crucial part of any incident management process. The need to find and inform interested parties and initiate response processes requires reliable and efficient communication. A service to handle critical communication during disruptive incidents and emergencies will decrease risk, control expenses and improve resiliency.

We work with organizations to automate and speed up time critical communication processes supporting business continuity. Our solutions find, verify and communicate status with both predefined and ad hoc teams and roles. Built-in intelligence is used to alert the right resources with the right competencies in case of emergencies and incidents. Geographical positioning services can be applied to filter resources. We use multi-channel messaging to establish contact and open an interactive dialogue with the right resources. Our solutions make it possible to share necessary information with all interested parties.

The first step of efficient incident management is to communicate with the right people. An automated communication solution saves time and makes no mistakes.

When an incident occurs there are many interested parties that need to be informed about the situation, for example:

  • An incident response team may need to launch which requires them to be notified about the incident
  • Management need to be kept updated about the situation, the response, and the outcome
  • Line managers and employees need to receive information about how to handle the situation
  • Customers want updates if their services are affected
  • People need to be warned about potentially dangerous situations

Regardless of who needs to be notified and informed, communication is time critical and those required to handle the situation often experience a high workload during the initial stages of an incident response. Automated, rule based communication processes saves time and frees resources. It minimizes the risk for human errors in critical situations and ensures that processes are being followed. With several processes running in parallel, efficiency is maximized.

When incidents occur infrequently, the system must be intuitive and straight-forward. Complex systems and cumbersome user interfaces can significantly delay incident response and introduce errors. Our communication platform for incident management is designed for ease-of-use with an intuitive interface. It supports automated communication and uses and intelligent workflow engine to create communication processes.

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