Customer notifications

SMS messaging is a powerful tool for customer service in the contact center. Appreciated by customers and efficient in the organization.

Messaging during the customer journey

SMS offers a number of unique advantages for anyone looking to mobile communication to increase customer satisfaction throughout the customer journey.

Engage consumers

Engaging consumers with SMS communication is effective because of the low barriers to send and read SMS messages.

Inbound contact channel – Lower the barriers to get in touch with you.

Information requests – Allow consumers to instantly receive information anywhere, anytime.

Promotions – SMS has superior read rates.

Convert consumers into customers

SMS simplifies and eases the crucial step for consumers to become real paying customers.

Quotations – Send quotations and close the deal with replyable two-way SMS messages.

Confirmations – Confirm purchases and booked appointments.

Develop customer relationships

Interaction throughout the customer lifecycle extends the relationship and in-creases revenue.

Notifications – Notifying customers to keep them aware is essential for customer satisfaction.

Service delivery – Deliver services like weather alerts directly to your customers’ mobile phones.

Reminders – Remind customers about important events, for example if it is time to renew a subscription.

Surveys – Gain customer insight and measure satisfaction by texting replyable questions or survey invitations.

Assure loyalty

SMS services help build long term relationships and assure loyalty.

Personalized offers – Tailored offers and messages tightens the bonds between you and the customer.

Membership only offers – Exclusive members only offers increases the value of the club membership.

Proactive notifications – Customers’ expectations are exceeded with forethoughtful messages.

SMS solutions for customer notifications

Integrating an SMS solution through one of our SMS gateway API:s enables your CRM- or ERP-system with automated SMS notifications. An automated solution allows notifications to be personalized, timely and relevant. It provides a better service to your customers at a lower cost.

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