Customer communication

Solutions for automating interactive messaging and notifications throughout the customer journey

Better customer experience with relevant notifications

Timely and relevant communication creates loyalty and loyalty is profitable. Loyal customers stay longer, buy more and recommend you to friends. Companies with a higher share of loyal customers grow faster than other companies and have lower costs.

Assuring loyalty through communication can be as simple as keeping the customer notified, as it creates a feeling of inclusion that increases satisfaction. Providing consumers with the opportunity to notify you can be equally important.

Today, there is an abundance of systems that allow us to assign much of the interaction to self-service and automate much of the customer interaction. While automated interaction is not a replacement for the human touch, it is a compliment that can reduce costs and allow consumers discreet communication channels that they sometimes prefer.

These systems rely on customer specific account information and business rules to trig outbound notifications that are personalized, relevant, and welcomed by the customer. To be effective, a communication solution must be integrated with the system storing the account information and also with the business processes.

However, being successful with the integration could be challenging. A strong partner with the expertise in integration communication solutions into business processes is the key to success.

Our offering

Our offering for customer communication

SMS messaging

SMS offers a number of unique advantages for anyone looking to mobile communication to increase customer satisfaction throughout the customer journey. Automating the communication with a workflow engine or using an API to integrate with a CRM-, ERP,- or campaign-system allows messaging to be an iontegral part of automated business processes.

We provide both API:s for integration and stand-alone tools for managing SMS communication.

Process automation

Improving business processes is a major opportunity to increase customer satisfaction. Providing the possibility for customers to communicate and interact with your organization through a digitized service can allow faster response and shorter time spent for the customer.

We provide tools and solutions for process management, business analytics and robotic process automation.

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