Automated staff call-out

Save cost and time by replacing manual staff call-in with automated mobile communication

Finding the right staff with the right competence to fill in temporary vacancies or to strengthen a team during a response or call-out can be a time-consuming task. Automating the process using mobile communication offers several advantages.

We provide a fully automated application for calling in staff with short notice. Based on a few requirements for who is needed (for example, a nurse with special competence in emergency care), the application finds suitable candidates from the database, notifies them about the opportunity, validates incoming answers, assigns a candidate and confirms to all notified candidates if they have been assigned or not.

Filtering makes sure employees only receive relevant notifications. Automatic filtering of who will receive notifications is based on fully configurable variables, for example qualifications, availability, or location. The application can notify a smaller group at a time and escalate the call-in to the next group if the required staff profiles have not been assigned. That way it avoids sending notifications to many more than necessary.

Solution features

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Automated transport crew call-out